This is the sister-site of the image-galleries over at

Like with the material over at, I hope to have moved most of my things here by July 2014.

This place mainly focuses on stills, though.

At the moment it is a live “moving in” experience, currently reaching beta-stage.

I have chosen to take the galleries found here to a separate site, to avoid confusion from my other work (for those that get confused by seeing images of nude people).
If you dislike that, this is not a place to be.

Many images are also NSFW.
If you insist on browsing these galleries at work, you are on your own. Complaints are not accepted!


As I fill up here, I will try to section the galleries into different categories. But you will find material of both “sexual” and “non-sexual” content here.
To me that is not the most important divide. Humans are sexual beings. Amongst other things.

I mainly do images with humans.

As with my other images, most of these can be bought as large or smaller prints or for editorial and commercial use.
That’s it for now.

If you want to get to safer waters,, is an excellent place to start.


All imagery on is © Gunleik Groven, unless otherwise stated. And this place is generally 18+ and NSFW.
For TFP shoots, the images belong to me and the model.
It is possible to buy images for editorial, commercial or stock usage. I’ll even sell you large prints of most of them….